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 Strength, Honor and Knowledge.
Hello and welcome,
My name is Tony Collins and I am the owner of Wolfcat Firearms Training. I am an NRA certified basic pistol Instructor, I am also certified by the North Carolina Department of Justice to provide Concealed Carry Handgun Courses.  
Our motto at Wolfcat Firearms Training, LLC is; Strength, Honor and Knowledge. We promise to help strengthen our clients ability to defend themselves and their home. We will provide training with respect and honor to all of our clients. We believe the only thing constant is change and that with knowledge comes power, therefore we will strive to provide you with the most recent and practical information and training.

We offer a safe training environment using rubber training guns and the Laser Lyte training system while in class as well as conducting dry firing exercises.  No live ammunition is ever allowed in our classrooms.  Once we are on the range for live fire exercises safety is paramount. We follow the 4 cardinal rules of firearm safety at all times.
We are a Limited Liability Company. I also have Instructor's Insurance. If you do not choose us  for firearms training please make sure that you do not receive any sort of formal instruction from anyone, any company  or gun club that is not insured in some way.  Your safety is at risk and liability waivers only go so far.